Updated on February 14th, 2017) There has been a couple of questions regarding Lajme Mix privacy in my inbox. I will try to address the question here so that everyone benefit from it and the answer can be further clarified if necessary. Lajme Mix What’s NEW? Question: What part of the Lajme Mix information gets shared with other users. Answer: The only Lajme Mix information which gets shared with other users are the articles you recommend and tweet from Lajme Mix. Other users will not be able to know what sources and articles you read unless you explicitly recommend or tweet an article from that sources. The articles you share in Lajme Mix are automatically shared in Google Reader so that other users can subscribe to your shared articles feed in Google Reader or Google Buzz. Other tools try to infer how interesting an article is based on how much time you spent reading it and/or if you clicked on a link or viewed a video. We consciously decided to do *none* of that. Question: Google Reader allows me to keep my shared item private and share it only with a specific subset of users. Does Lajme Mix provide this feature as well? Answer: No. In Lajme Mix, we decided to try to start by replicating the flickr model and all items shared or annotated are automatically available to the entire Lajme Mix community. As the service matures, we will look into offering more granularity. Question: What data is Lajme Mix collecting and storing on the Lajme Mix servers? Answer: At account creation time, we create a profile and import your user id, your nickname and email. This allows users to search and find other users and follow their recommendations. If you have an existing Google Reader account, we import your OPML (list of categories and feeds). This allows us to perform collaborative filtering and suggest new sources you might be interested in based on sources you have already subscribed to (similar to iTunes genius concept). If not, you can pick and choose and import a subset of your bookmarks or an existing netvibes or bloglines account. During reading time, we capture how many articles from a source a user reads, recommends or tweet from Lajme Mix. This allows us to understand which sources you like best and better showcase articles from those sources in the digest and cover. When someone follows you in Lajme Mix/google reader, they only see the articles you have shared. Lajme Mix Mini Toolbar Question: Does Lajme Mix mini keep track of what web pages I browse? Answer: The answer is no. Because Lajme Mix is an extension, all the integration is performed in real-time on the client. As such the Lajme Mix service does not see or track at all what pages you navigate on. Lajme Mix uses Google Analytics to track anonymously which subset of features are being used. We use that aggregated usage information to continuously enhance the design of the product.